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All our pupils have been taught in line with the Revised Northern Ireland Curriculum. There are three Key Stages within the Primary School:


Primary 1 & 2: Foundation Stage

Primary 3 & 4: Key Stage 1

Primary 5, 6 & 7: Key Stage 2


There are six Areas of Learning for each of the Key Stages -

  • Language and Literacy (including talking and listening, reading and writing);

  • Mathematics and Numeracy (focusing on the development of mathematical concepts and numeracy across the curriculum);

  • The Arts (including art and design, music and drama);

  • The World Around Us (focusing on the development of skills and knowledge in Geography, History and Science and Technology);

  • Personal Development and Mutual Understanding (focusing on emotional development, social skills, learning to learn, health, relationships and sexuality education, understanding in the local and global community);

  • Physical Education (focusing on the development of knowledge, skills and understanding through play and a range of physical activities).


As part of the Peace IV initiative, we are a Shared Education school working closely with our neighbours, Killard House School.


In addition to this, we offer a programme of Religious Education (RE) throughout the school. RE is provided within class and at regular assembly times where we have visits from local clergy or class involvement in the assembly.


Parents are entitled to withdraw their children from RE if they wish. If this is the case, please contact the Principal.

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