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Language & Literacy

At Donaghadee Primary School we believe that our pupils’ ability to talk, listen, read and write effectively, for purpose and audience, is the key to educational progress, social integration and personal development and happiness. 

We aim to create an excellent classroom atmosphere where children will feel relaxed, accepted and confident to explore and develop through enjoyable, challenging activities.

Our pupils enjoy learning to read and write using the ‘Letters and Sounds’ programme and are further supported through the Pearson ‘Active Learn’ online reading plan.  We have well-resourced school reading schemes and a diverse range of engaging library books available for borrowing.


The Modelled, Shared and Guided approach to reading and writing is embedded throughout the curriculum.  All staff implement Reciprocal Reading strategies which are effective in enabling pupils to gain a more thorough understanding of a variety of texts. 

A core team of staff are also trained in the ‘Reading Partnership Programme.’


This literacy rich environment provides our pupils with the best opportunities to develop a love and desire to learn to read and write.

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