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Personal Development and Mutual Understanding

At Donaghadee Primary School we believe that Personal Development and Mutual Understanding (PDMU) is an area which will support our school ethos in developing the personal, emotional, social and physical well-being of each child in our care and which will unlock and develop their potential to help them make informed and responsible decisions throughout their lives.  

We believe that PDMU is at the core of the curriculum and that all curricular areas and classroom ethos evolve from this area.

PDMU concentrates on developing each child from Primary 1 to Primary 7; developing their attitudes, fostering good relationships, and learning about appropriate behaviours in and out of school. In addition, PDMU focuses on broadening thinking skills and personal capabilities, making them emotionally aware and engraining values and promoting life skills to take them into their future as adults. 

PDMU does not begin or end with school but will continue to feed into society and the life of each child and their family. At Donaghadee Primary School we endeavour to continue to develop and expand upon our solid working partnerships with parents, the local community and charitable organisations to help develop and foster PDMU in the teaching and learning, and through our commitment to Shared Education with our partner school.  

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