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Donaghadee Primary School has an excellent reputation for Music and Drama. Provision for both is made through the Area of Learning ‘The Arts' and through a wide range of curricular activities.

We provide many enjoyable, challenging learning opportunities for children to explore and develop their individuality, creativity and musical skills both inside and outside the classroom.

Each child has the opportunity to sing and play percussion instruments. Pupils from P4-P7 learn to play the recorder.

Pupils participate in ‘role play’, school assemblies, seasonal plays, concerts and major Key Stage productions. Our school choirs sing for pleasure and embrace the challenge of part singing. Junior/ Senior Choirs and band take part in performances and community events throughout the year.

Private and EA Music Service tutors provide instrumental tuition for those children who wish to pursue an interest in the areas outlined below:      


  • Brass

  • Woodwind

  • Piano

  • Guitar

  • Drums




Through experiencing a wide range of Art and Design activities pupils are provided with opportunities to develop their creativity, curiosity and imagination and they are encouraged to express their ideas, feelings and interpretations of the world around them.

As pupils progress through the key stages, teachers gradually introduce children to art and design tools, materials and processes, enabling children to express their ideas more fully.  Areas of art and design covered include; drawing and painting, 3D construction, using malleable materials, working with textiles and print making. 

Pupils are provided with opportunities to develop their skills within each year group and additionally Key Stage 2 pupils have the option to attend an after-school art club.  Children’s work is valued and celebrated through classroom and school displays and each year a number of pieces of their artwork are entered into local and national competitions.

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