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WAU & OUTDOOR LEARNING - Animal Habitats

Animal Habitats: Countryside animals and homes above, below and on the ground.

Year 2 Children used natural and junk materials to make animal homes like ‘Percy the Park-keeper’.

Autumn Crowns. Year 2 Children hunted for signs of Autumn and kept the treasures of the season that had fallen on the ground by making a crown.

Today during outdoor learning we made dens and slides. We always surprise Mrs. Swann with our imaginations and inventions!

Playful Science: Growing Beans.

Playful Science: Designing a house to keep the three little pigs safe from the wolf.

Stick Hunt. We put on our wellies and went out to explore all kinds of sticks in our outdoor area.

Making a potion. Some potions turned people into frogs, others stretched limbs to make us giants and someone made a potion to make us invisible!

I’m Stick Man, that’s me!

Playful Science: Using our senses - the sense of touch

Playful Science: Using our senses. The sense of sound.