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School Day


Our target each year is to maintain an overall attendance above 95%.

We would encourage parental support and advise that holidays should not be arranged during term-time.


School starts at 9.00am

Foundation and Key Stage 1 Lunch 12.25pm- 1.00pm

Key Stage 2 Lunch 1.05pm- 1.40pm

Key Stage 1 Dismissal 2.00pm

Key Stage 2 Dismissal 3.00pm


Nursery Sessions

Morning Session 8.55am - 11.25am

Afternoon Session 12.30 - 3.00pm


Break Time

The children enjoy a period in the playground following a snack in the

classroom. We have developed an ‘ACTIVE Playground’ programme

to promote good use of children’s leisure time. A playground Buddy

System works well with the Foundation and Key Stage 1.


Lunch Time Arrangements

School Meals

School meals are available and money should be sent into school on Monday morning.