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Primary 6

Welcome to Primary 6


 This could be one of the most exciting years of your primary school experience as you join the fun and learning with Mrs Scott and Mr Patterson. The Adventure of Life is to Learn!


Remember your  teacher will use this site as well as the Class Dojo app. Don't forget about Bug Club, Mathletics and News Desk too. These are still accessible with your usual passwords.

Please see a sample of some activities below:


Reciprocal Reading


Year 6 really enjoy Reciprocal Reading sessions as it allows them further opportunities to be in charge of their learning. The boys and girls demonstrate excellent skills as they take on the 5 Roles (Boss, Predicting Police, Summarising Superhero, Clarifying Clown and Questioning Queen) associated with Reciprocal Reading. Ask your child which is their favourite role and why.


Some creative and engaging ideas for you to try out over the Easter break!