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We are so proud of Team DPS. Keep working hard at home.

Easter Fun!
Some creative and engaging ideas for you to try out over the Easter break!

ABL FUN IN P.3 SEPTEMBER 2019 !!!!!!

What a wonderful time P3 had at Castle Espie.

We made 3D bugs!!!

Mrs Haggan came to visit P.3 to teach us some very important lessons!!!!!!!

We learned all about checking airway, calling for help, checking for dangers and what to do if a person is conscious or unconscious......

We had great fun making 'junk bugs' and wearing our 'bug boppers' during Book Week this year!!!!!

Some winning pupils in P.3!!!!

Today P.3. had great fun building homes for the little pigs !!!!!

P.E Ball Skills.......

We have been learning all about Capacity in P.3. 

We learned that capacity is the amount of fluid that can be in a container. It is a word we use when we measure liquids. We investigated the capacity of liquid in lots of different sized and shaped containers.

We used our tens and units to help us add two '2 digit' numbers. We must remember to add the units first and then the tens!!

We were so tired after PE!! We warmed up by playing 'Clumps' . We then had to control a ball with a bat moving it around cones using forehand and backhand passes. We had to keep our eyes on the ball while being careful not to bump into each other!! We cooled down by counting how many giant strides it took us to get across the hall. We then had to walk back using the same number of strides!!

Working together to set out money amounts.

Another day of Science at DPS !!!!



W5 visited today to teach us all about 'Newton's First law of Motion' and Gravity and lots lots more!!!! It was brilliant!!!!!!!

Observing Germs Through UV Light.......................and learning how a Cyclone works !!!!!!!

Science Week Investigations........

 Today in P.3 we have been learning all about germs!! We put some special glow gel on our hands and then observed the areas of our hands that glowed under UV light in a special dark box. We could see the areas of our hands that had the most germs! We then learned a special song 'If you're healthy and you know it wash you hands' to remind us how long (20 seconds) we should wash our hands for with soap and water.

When we tested again after washing our hands there were much less germs!

Happy Pancake Tuesday!!!

P3 really enjoyed their visit from PSNI-we learnt about how to stay SMART and loved being in the back of the Police van!

Colin the Firefighter came in and talked to the Year 3 classes about his job and how they can avoid fires in their homes.

The last of this set of ABL activities. Everyone has had good fun !

P3 had great fun in PE. We warmed up by playing 'Waves'. We then  pretended to walk a tight rope as we balanced carefully around a hoop. After that we jumped in  and out of the hoops on one foot then with two feet. Finally we cooled down with a game of tag bands.

Enjoying the new ABL activities related to our 'Safe and Sound' Topic - Painting Rescue vehicles, playing in the Police station, programming the beebot to go to the Rescue vehicles and building 3D Rescue vehicles.

P3 were reading the story of 'The Runaway Gingerbread Man'. Daniel brought in some Gingerbread men to eat for break. We kept the door closed just in case!! :)

P3KB were learning to bounce and catch a ball while walking and running around. We cooled down by curling and stretching.