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Planning Sheets

Use these sheets to help you plan out your Egyptian fairy tale.


Remember - pick a traditional story that you know quite well!

Read the traditional version of The Princess and the Pea, then use the story ladder to help change settings and characters to fit into Ancient Egypt.

All fairy tales have good and bad characters! Use these planners to help describe the main characters in your story (just print as many as you need if you have more than one of each character!)

Now use the planning frame to make notes on how your story will progress. Remember to keep eveything with an Egyptian theme!

Some of these words might be useful in your story.

Once you have planned your story, write it out fully in your work book. Remember this will be a first draft and doesn't have to be perfect! Read it and make any changes you want. When you are happy with the story, you might want to write the final draft on one of these pages.