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Picasso Portraits

Pablo Picasso was a Spanish painter and sculptor who was born in 1881.
He began to draw and paint when he was very young. He began by painting pictures of his family.
One person he drew and painted all his life was himself.
He painted a lot of people over the years. When he painted sad people he used the colour blue.
When he painted happier people he used brighter colours.



One day he had a wonderful idea. Why should he always paint people the way they looked?
Why not try something new? He began by moving people around as he painted them, looking at them from different places.

From the side, from the back or slightly turned away from him.
He put these different views of the face together to create new faces.
Some of his paintings are amongst the most expensive in the world.



We have been thinking about facial symmetry and proportion in P6.
We used this mathematical information to accurately measure and represent our faces in pencil sketch self portraits.

Oil pastels helped to bring colour to our designs, before we cut each face up and reassembled together with other members of the class to attempt a bright and colourful Picasso style portrait.