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Learning to skip with Trevor.

More ball skills with Trevor!

P.E. with Trevor

Here are some of the activities we have been enjoying as part of our Healthy Living Week.

Exercise and fresh air - Walking our 1K route.

Relaxation - We did some stretches and flops to help us relax.

Mindfulness - Cloud watching. It was too cold to go outside so we watched some clouds change on our IWB! We spotted some CBeebies characters!

Some of our healthy breaks - also earning House points!!

Cancer Focus talk - How important exercise is for our bodies. Light exercise, Medium exercise and Intense exercise.

PE - Bridges, rivers, tunnels and throw/catching ball skills individually, in pairs and groups of five!

More ABL fun building post offices, designing wrapping paper, weighing and reading!

ABL fun and learning!!

PE Ball Skills

Merry Christmas from P3K/B !!!!!!

As part of our Harvest Topic, we looked at and sketched a variety of fruit.

We have been sketching kitchen artefacts as part of our Harvest topic!!!

P3 have been learning to sort using a Carroll Diagram
We have been making posters about different emotions in PDMU lesson!

In PE we played'Stuck in the Mud' to warm up. We then practised our kicking skills- dribbling and stopping the ball.

Enjoying the ABL activities related to our new Harvest Topic!

ABL Fun!!! Making clay tiles, drawing 2D shapes, construction and programming beebot to visit the Donaghadee Landmarks.

In PE today we were listening to African music and pretending to be a monkey, a giraffe, an elephant, a zebra and an ostrich. Can you guess which we are trying to be??

Walking 1 mile!!!

PE lesson today was Music and Movement ......


We read Handa's Surprise and moved to African Music!!!!!!

ABL Fun!!!!!