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Our new sound of the week is 'oy'. This links to our previous sound 'oi'. Please use The video links below to reinforce the teaching of this sound while using your P2 'Letters and Sounds' booklet to complete the written work. 


Whilst working weekly in your handwriting booklet,  take the opportunity to reinforce the sound each letter makes and to learn the letter shape as both a capital and lower case letter.

For example, 'a' has the sound 'ahh' and it can look like this 'a' and like this A'. 

This week practise forming the letters 'm' and 'M'.


Practise spelling the following words on your whiteboard - rim, rip, ram, rat, rug, rot, rocket and carrot. As you spell these words, think about the beginning, middle and end sound.


Learn to spell the word 'was' and practise including it in a written sentence. Always remember to use a capital letter, finger spaces and a full stop when writing your sentence.


For those children working through sound booklets, check out the sound you are working on in the 'Jolly Phonics' link and complete the activities related to that sound.