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Old School House Play. New games...the old fashioned way! Brown building blocks to build a school house, jigsaws, traditional snakes and ladders games, dip ink feather pen writing, Toys playdough mats and a dolls house.

Outdoor Play. it’s March and the sun FINALLY came out!

Journeys! P2 love to explore travelling through play. We have been making paper aeroplanes, shooting at a target and adding up our scores, making a ramp and testing which material was best for moving on as well as map making and dramatic play in our airport! phew! P2 are busy learners!

Year 2 have been exploring vehicle model making using junk art. We have also been working on completing topic jigsaws and packing a suitcase of suitable clothes for a hot and cold holiday.... wishful thinking in the middle of January!

Our Journeys Junk Art Masterpieces!