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Literacy Red Group (1 and 2)


This week we are asking children in all groups to choose a bird OR an insect and find out a bit of information about it. Use the templates provided or type up with pictures on a computer. It's up to you! In school we would be working on this for a couple of weeks so there is no rush to complete.

Literacy Blue Group (3)

Literacy Green Group (4)


This week we are looking at the Five times tables. These are quite straightforward as the children know how to count in fives.  Complete the sorting activities and stick these into your Table Facts books.


We our revising some mental maths strategies this week. Group 1 and 2 should give these a go now without looking at a 100 square.


You will see we have a calculator sheet to complete. In school the children are provided with calculators. If you don't have a calculator at home, then borrow a phone or ipad with a calculator.  We only do this activity to make children familiar with the buttons etc. We obviously prefer children to carry out the calculations on all the other worksheets themselves!

As we are into June now, we would normally be involved with Maths Trails outside, assessments etc, so a lot of our numeracy for this month will not only be lighter but also revision work.

Group 1 and 2

Group 3

Group 4


This is the second part to creating our Minibeast Powerpoint presentation. You will be reopening the Powerpoint you started last week and adding to it. Follow the instructions carefully and remember to save your work at the end. We will upload the final instructions next week.

 Have fun!