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- Spellings, tables, World Around Us etc.


Our Tables this week is a step on from our 'Sets of' from last week. This week instead of saying 2 sets of two is 4, this week we say 2 twos = 4, 3 twos= 6, 4 twos = 8 etc



Our Mental Maths this week is 'sharing'. This is an introduction to Division in Year 4. We talk about a number 'shared between' eg 6 shared between 2 is 3 which will become 6 divided by 2 is 3. If it helps then draw 2 stick people  and ask your child to share sweets/cubes between them to see how many they get each.

eg 6 shared between 2 - draw 2 stick people and give your child 6 sweets cubes/ sweets and ask them to share -  'saying one for you , one for you' etc until all the sweets/cubes are shared out. Then ask how many each stick person got and that will be the answer. This helps your child visually until he/she can work it out mentally.


Group 1 and 2

Group 3

Group 4


Our next ICT task is to create a Power point information presention about Minibeasts. We will complete this over the next 3 weeks.  Each week we will upload a sheet of instructions for you to follow.

This week we will just be creating the first slide which will be include the title, your name and some pictures of minibeasts. We have also uploaded a power point, which a past pupil created, to give you some ideas.