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As we are all very aware, new and unpleasant things appear on the internet on a daily basis...unfortunately many of them are aimed at upsetting children! 


You, as a parent, need to take whatever steps you feel necessary to ensure your child remains safe online...after all, the majority of their time online takes place at home.


The following website has some very useful info posters for parents on various apps etc that children are keen to use and should help you make an informed decision before you give/refuse permission.  It even includes some of the newer apps like Tik Tok...


The Internet is a wonderful tool!

In Donaghadee Primary School we use technology and the Internet extensively across all areas of the curriculum.  Online safeguarding, known as e-safety is an area that is constantly evolving.


Parents play the most important role in the development of their children; as such the school will ensure that parents have the skills and knowledge they need to ensure the safety of children outside the school environment.


E-Safety is being embedded into our curriculum; students will be given the appropriate advice and guidance by staff.  Similarly all students will be fully aware how they can report areas of concern whilst at school or outside of school.


This year we are launching our very own 'Cyber Tiger' help lead children safely and confidently through keeping safe when they are online both in and outside school. Our very first step will be to have a school wide competition to give our Tiger a name!



The Newest Member of DPS...

           Cyber Tiger



Technology was different when we were young but the internet has changed everything. Click below for useful information and advice on some of the most popular social media sites that your children use...