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Our buddies at work in the playground.

Buddies are a very enthusiastic team of nearly 30 P7’s who are split into teams and help in the playground during Key Stage 1 break and lunch. They are easily spotted when wearing their green Buddy baseball caps.

Buddies aim to make playtime fun for P2-4 children. They play individual and group games, chat to the younger children and keep an eye out for anyone who is alone or looking sad.

Buddies get together at least once a month to discuss how best to make break and lunch times happy for everyone. They come up with new ideas for games and sometimes have the opportunity to go to Key Stage 1 assembly to demonstrate them.

With their help, the playground is a brilliant place to be!


Our Buddies are KS2 children who's job it is to play with or talk to anyone who seems to be sad or on their own in the playground.

They are easily recognisable with their 'Buddy Caps'!

DPS Buddies