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Blue Planet

Saltwater Evaporation Experiment 


Oceanic water is saturated with salt. For this reason, it is called saltwater. Ocean saltwater is exposed to the sun everyday. This creates some evaporation of the water. The water is evaporated into the air, forms or goes into clouds, and then returns in the form of precipitation. This is what is called the water cycle.

When ocean saltwater evaporates, the salt in the water is left in the water. This causes the saltwater to become heavily laden with salt. The water gets heavy, so some of the salt is forced to the bottom of the ocean or body of saltwater. When precipitation returns into the water, the salt on the bottom is "stirred up" and is partially dissolved back into the water until the water evaporates again. This cycle happens continuously. We carried out an experiment to prove this. The salt crystals formed in the tray but also on the floor and radiator. 

Underwater Art


Primary 5 have really enjoyed creating some of the amazing animals that live in our oceans. To create the octopuses the pupils sponged a texture on to the the base colour and created the sucker pattern using the other end of a paintbrush. 

The turtles required P5 to shred and layer strips of tissue paper with PVA glue to a design the shell. To produce the scaled skin effect they drew individual scales with darker hues of green.