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Exploring reflective materials versus dark materials through a game of hide and seek.

In Year 2 we are keeping safe by being seen. We compared two coats... Mrs. Swann’s black one beside an amazing reflective coat! We made reflective strips using highlighter pens and sparkly squares.

We carried our a car survey and then discussed our results. Silver and white are the most popular choice of car colour followed by blue. We were lucky enough to spot one yellow car... they are very rare. .

P2 had a visit from firefighters. We had a tour of the fire engine and explored the firefighters uniform.

P2 have been busy ‘blinging’ boats. We used masking tape, blu-tac and glue to attach bottle tops, card, straws, lolly sticks and much more to create the perfect boat.Our creativity was amazing! We added seats, anchors, portholes, engines and a life ring.

Floating our boats. P2 tested their boats to see if they floated. Then we experimented to see if there were any ways to make our boats move faster.

Science. A ramp, three height Levels and one car. Which level will help the car travel furthest?

Observational drawing of a bicycle.