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WAU & OUTDOOR LEARNING - Animal Habitats

What an amazing day to be outside learning.

What an amazing day to be outside learning.  1

Our first day in the outdoor area.... it’s been quite a while since P1. We made some fantastic animal homes and a treehouse for Percy Park-keeper’s animal friends.

Animal Habitats: Exploring the deciduous and evergreen trees in our outdoor area...... and of course developing our communication and teamwork to build, balance and climb.

Year 2 went on a stick hunt. To link in with our learning about 'Measure' we found Long and short sticks, thick and thin sticks and just some other kinds of sticks for fun! It was amazing. We also found what looked like an animal home and an old key - treasure!

We made woodland animals out of plasticine. Next, we went outside and made homes for our animals out of leaves and twigs.

We have been talking about ‘Why animals move’. Some animals have jobs (guide dog and sheepdog) and some move to find material to build homes. Other animals move to find food....and to escape being food for prey! We also learned about Migration. Check out our pictures to see if you can work out why our animals are moving.

I’m Stick Man, can’t you see? I’m Stick Man, that’s me!

Planting Crocus Bulbs. We are excited to see which colour each one will be!

Science Experiment- Which food do birds like best? We set out some food for the birds and will watch carefully to see which food disappears first! We nearly ate the cheerio bird feeders we made ourselves... they looked so yummy!

We searched for signs of Autumn and stuck them on a cuff. We wore our beautiful displays of colour all day.