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Primary 6

Welcome to Primary 6!


 This could be one of the most exciting years of your primary school experience as you join the fun and learning with Mr Quinlan and Mr Patterson. The Adventure of Life is to Learn!


Donaghadee Commemorates the First World War


Year 6 had the opportunity to learn more about local soldiers who fought in World War One. United Ulster History Forum allowed us to view and try on uniforms, examine weapons and military items as well as hear the stories of many local soldiers. 

Christmas Lanterns


We enjoyed creating attractive festive lanterns. We had to think about our design brief, the important features such as materials, suitability for purpose, occasion and use our imagination. Everybody enjoyed the opportunity to be creative.

Two Week Primary ‘Health Action’ Programme


This innovative and interactive exploratory workshop empowers young people to lead a healthier lifestyle. These workshops offered P6 the opportunity to see for themselves the dangers of smoking and drinking alcohol; the importance of eating a healthy balanced diet; the impact of being physically active and how to stay safe in the sun. The content was is in line with the focus of our Healthy Living Week  as well as PDMU and also incorporated elements of S.T.E.M throughout.

Daffodil - Still Life


Still life is defined as a collection of inanimate objects (objects that don’t move) arranged together in a specific way.


The magic of still life paintings is that they can show us a new way of looking at the ordinary objects around us. Once they are placed into a specific arrangement and then captured in paint, ink, pastel, or any other medium - the objects take on a whole new meaning.


The objects chosen for a still life painting often have a special meaning. The way that the objects are depicted can evoke a wide variety of emotions, depending on their arrangement, as well as the lighting, colour choice, and handling of the paint. These are all things to take into account when viewing a still life artwork. They are especially important to consider when you are creating one.


We first of all sketched the beautiful daffodils in four different mediums (pencil, colouring pencil, oil pastel and chalk pastel), and then we arranged some in a vase to paint using watercolour paint. The effect of watercolour paint produced a transparent and delicate finish that reflects the beauty of the flowers.

Reciprocal Reading


Year 6 really enjoy Reciprocal Reading sessions as it allows them further opportunities to be in charge of their learning. The boys and girls demonstrate excellent skills as they take on the 5 Roles (Boss, Predicting Police, Summarising Superhero, Clarifying Clown and Questioning Queen) associated with Reciprocal Reading. Ask your child which is their favourite role and why.